Is this possible with Cocos Creator?

Is this possible with Cocos Creator?
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I need answer from Creator team.
I always use c++ for Cocos2d-x so before start using Creator i need answer for my needs.

I know Creator is closed source and i dont have any problem with that BUT my question is
"Can i add any 3rd party native framework by my self for iOS & Android?"

Because we mostly make games for clients and they always come with any new framework to monetize/Analytics/Multiplayer/etc for games.
So what we do before is, implement native side for both iOS & Android then handle all calls through JNI.
is that possible right now with Creator?
if Yes then How? if No then is it possible to give such easy implementation with Creator close source?

Waiting for good reply.

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You can. The key is how can you call from JS to C++/Objective C/Java, right?


Ok, thanks.
Where should i add native plugins/code? (Android & iOS)


Native code add to project proj.ios and


And after you modified proj.ios and, in Creator menu: Cocos Creator -> Preference -> Native Dev… tab, unselect Use Builtin Cocos2d-x Engine, then set up your Cocos2d-x Engine Path.


It seems like you don’t need to customize the source engine, but if you want, you can refer to


You had better to give a screenshot about the Preference->Native Develop dialog in this doc.


Thanks for reply, but where will be proj.ios &
@jare I think one detailed step-by-step document on this will help many devs to migrate from c++ to Creator.


You can get a look at this:


You can take a look the the Cocos Creator docs. There’s a getting started section there that will be helpful to you. Thats’s how I transited from coco2d-x to Creator.

Note that Creator uses Entity Framework architecture which is great for games and rather similar to Unity. Coming for cocos2d-x, the concept might be vague. Personally i feel that it’s pretty good. It has its own pros and cons over how we were doing things with cocos2d-x.


Thank you all.
I will try in my free time soon.


I believe BugsKiller’s first answer should be the one marked as correct. I believe it contains the most relevant information to the question.

On that front, I have another question. Are those project files cleared out on every build from the Cocos Creator menu? If so, I imagine build-templates should be used. Does anyone know of what the best practices are for this sort of situation?