Is there an alternatives to SDKBox?

I’m very grateful for the sdkbox team for creating all these plugins but it seems that there is no more update coming and apps are starting to break.
Is there any alternative to sdkbox to implement stuff like admob, firebase, facebook…?

Sdkbox isn’t dead.

You can always implement each plugin yourself into your code. Sdkbox uses the same libraries that would be on each vendors site. We just provide a common interface.

The libraries sdkbox uses are very outdated as an exemple: Google Mobile Ads SDK version 7.61
meanwhile the latest version is 8.4,

You can always implement each plugin yourself into your code

I could also switch engine :slightly_frowning_face: :slightly_frowning_face: :slightly_frowning_face:

True. If that is a decision that works for you life is really short to use something you are unhappy with. I’ve thought about what engine I would switch to if I ever needed to and I think unreal is well suited for the types of games I enjoy writing.

I’ve also become really fond of typescript. I feel like I can develop my ideas a lot faster. Time will tell. I’ve got a liquid physics style game that I’m working on.