Is there a guide function to use for UI layout?

Hello everyone.
I have a question regarding the functionality of CocosCreator.

OS: Mac
CocoaCreator: v3.3

1 I want to display guides when laying out UI.
Is it possible to display guides when laying out a UI in CocosCreator?

This function is equivalent to Photoshop’s guides.
In the Photoshop menu, click [view > show > guid] to display them.

2-1 if there is no guide function, I would like to implement it as an extension.
If the current CocosCreator does not have a function to display guides, we would like to implement it as an extension.

In CocosCreator 2.4, there is a CustomGizmo section in the documentation.

Is it possible to implement a guide if I use this feature?

2-2 I want to implement it in v3.3 of CocosCreator.
If it is possible to implement the guide function by customizing Gizmo, I would like to implement it in v3.3 of CocosCreator.
I could not find a section on Gizmo customization in the v3.3 documentation.

2-3 Guides do not affect hierarchy
If we can implement guide functionality through Gizmo customization, we do not want to leave the effect of displaying guides during game execution.
Is it possible to not do a special node to display the guide and have it not affect the hierarchy or display during game execution?

2-4 Do samples exist?
If guides can be implemented through Gizmo customization or other means, are there working sample projects to understand the implementation?

custom gizmo in 3.x is not yet scheduled to be implemented

Thank you linrm.
It is unfortunate that custom gizmos are not available.

Is there any other method that can display guides within the CocosCreator editor?

Sorry, 3.x is not supported for now, you can implement it in 2.x

Thank you for your prompt reply.
Unfortunately, I will wait until 3.x introduces custom gizmos.

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