Is the Cocos2d-x Blog Down?

Is the Cocos2d-x Blog Down?
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I can’t get to the blog - it just forwards me to the forums. Im on Mac Safari. Is it just me or is the blog down?


It was down for me a little bit ago.


glad to know its not just me then! I am a fan of their developer interviews so I hope we can get more of those. Thanks @HeadClot


We don’t offer a blog anymore. Traffic gets forwarded to the Announcements category here.


you should of posted that info in the blog… oh wait - ok I see the problem with that.

But seriously, does that mean that the developer interviews are gone? Im disappointed but I understand. Some links should be reworked though. Like the links at should either be deleted or linked to specific forum posts that have those interviews.

Anyway, thanks @slackmoehrle for letting us know! Ill miss the blog, but if means you guys can focus more on development then Im for it.


Thanks. Let me look at the website links and get them updated.

Edit: This has now been corrected.