Is SDKBOX still alive?

Hi, I’m trying to launch my game to the production. And recently faced a problem.
I’m using cocos2dx 3.16 (yeah, I know it’s no good not to upgrade to latest versions).
Every time I try to install new package it’s bloody hell.
At the moment I try to integrate SdkBoxAds plugin
I did every single step from install manual and when I call placement method to show ads nothing just happen. no line in debug console.
So my question is sdkbox still supported or I’m just wasting the time?
I can’t find any proofs It’s still alive, but the opposite info is also missing.

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AFAIK, Javascript is still supported by SDKBOX.

@yinjimmy can help address any SDKBOX problems if you post more info about the troubles you are having.

Currently when I’m invoking

and I get this

SDKBOXADS :Placement reward_for_coins has no units with ads.

here is a piece of my sdkbox_config.json

"ios": {
    "SdkboxAds": {
        "debug": true, 
        "units": [
        "placements": [
                "units": [
                        "name": "reward_for_coins", 
                        "unit": "AdMob"
                "id": "reward_for_coins", 
                "strategy": "round-robin"
    "AdMob": {
        "safearea": true, 
        "ads": {
            "reward_for_coins": {
                "type": "rewarded_video", 
                "id": "ca-app-pub-XXX"
        "appid": "ca-app-pub-XXX"

I can’t figure out why the plugin says there is no units with ads for this placement.

@htlxyz can help

seem like AdMob/reward_for_coins is not ready to show. so you got error has no units with ads.