Is it safe to directly distribute the APk?

Greetings to all, I have a question, is it safe to distribute the apk of my video game, I want to use different stores than Googla Play, but the Apk must be sent and some users are given the file directly, is there any risk?

I don’t see any real risk!
There are some downsides though…

When you upload you app on google play store as an app bundle, google will split your APK for the different platforms making the download size smaller.
Also google play store signs all your apps with his signature so that users know that the APK they are downloading is the original one!
You also can sign your APKs but you signature will not be trusted as much as the one coming from google (because it can be stolen more easily!).
Also if you want to use google services like In app payments, advertisements or google play games services your app will have to be on google play store.

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Thanks for the information