Is it possible to run Cocos Creator 2.4 on Linux?

Continuing the discussion from Cocos Creator 1.9 unofficial Linux release and Docker image:

Hi @ckhoo,

I tried to follow your step but ran into trouble with ‘util.promisify.custom is not a function’. It doesn’t seem to work by replacing resources over 2.4.x anymore.

Could you please share more details about setting up the node_modules/dependences? We are trying to run the latest build 2.4.4 on linux, we do have an engineer working on Electron and we hope to update your repo. Thank you!

Best Regards.

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Can i know why you want to run creator on linux?

Speaking for myself, I’m also asking this for very long:

Docker or any other way to automate builds, is simpler and cheaper on Linux. This would improve our workflow with CD/CI A LOT!

a command line based tool or a docker container would do the trick, but a full-functional creator editor would also help those who has to have dual boot or WSL to work properly with creating the game, and the services that would go with they, we would abandon Windows right the way, and we have some of those people in my office.

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Got it, thanks.
Support creator on linux will take a lot human resource. I think we will not support it until too many developers need it. Then we will consider it again.

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How do you know that too many developers don’t need it right now? This is a recurrent topic in this forum

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Historically our Linux base has been really small with Cocos2d-x. I get maybe one question per month about Linux issues.

With Creator it’s a bit tough for us. We don’t know how many Linux users would love to have Creator because it’s never existed on the platform yet. Likewise this topic has come up a bit more frequently recently.

Do we sink months of “Human Resources” on something that we aren’t sure fills a gap for our users or is that time better spent on bugs, etc? It’s hard to know at this point.

I will create a poll and let’s ask the community. At least we have some data to make an informed decision in the future.

edit: Poll is here