Is Cocos2DX C++ framework dead?

Has Cocos2DX been replaced completely by Cocos Creator? It looks like the last update of 2DX was a couple years back. Will it continue to be updated/supported?

Yes, it is recommended to use cocos creator for new projects, cocos2dx will not updated again.

Depends what is your understanding of dead. It will not be receiving new features, but I believe it will be maintained for bugs. And for me that’s more than enough to keep using it for many many years. Also, i don’t find any missing feature for the type of 2d games I do.

Cocos2dx 4.0, despite the many “is dead” comment, is a very mature engine. Just check how many amazing games where and are still done with it. Some developers are still using today 3.x version.

If you are like some devs, including myself, that want to code in c++ I’d recommend not be discouraged by the “is dead” comments.

Maybe if you’re games are 3d cocos creator would make sense? I don’t know.

I think it’s a shame that they decided to drop new version of cocos2dx. I ve read a lot of comments in other forum like Godot about coding in c++. In Godot you can, kind of, but it more like a binding.

Cocos2dx was the only 100% cpp engine mature enough for CPP devs. They had something unique that other engines don’t provide. It’s sad that they dropped it, but as I said, in my case at least, cocos 2dx 4.0 is more than enough for years to come.

Hope that helps

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you are right @rudiHammad . now as a cocos2dx game developer, i can say i dont able to get clearly cocos creator without proper documentation and video tutorials. first things i have never worked with typescripts or any kind of that editor. also here when you use cocos creator and search on youtube or google for something help in cocos creator you got mostly 4-5 results hardly.
and why cocos community not thinking about those old developer who are working with cocos2dx when cocos2dx 2.x was there. i dont know but for me without proper tutorial, video, documentation it’s not easy to move on creator.

@linrm please make properer docs for all feature with real time example. that 2-3 git hub test cases, and docs is not enough. and also please do continue support for already build cocos2dx games.

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I’m using 3.17 the last of version 3. 4 introduced a couple of bugs for me and I don’t use METAL witch is the equivalent of windows direct X. the engine has everything you need, could not think of anything it really needs other than a GUI interface scripting of the engine. also dose cocos creator not need the source in order to compile to native Apps.
else it just runs in the web browser?. I prefer source as is I can optimise it & have better control. it’s really simple to use anyway. and to tell you the truth would spend more time now figuring out how to get a sprite on screen then just calling addChild(); and removeChild();.
but if anyone is interested I will be more than happy to create a Video tutorial on using the Source programming and Optimise the crap out of it and how it works. Joystick, Servers, Threading , debugging and games.
if enough people ask I will start a youtube channel and ask the admins here to start a thread.
but cocos2dx source is very much alive for me.


It is good to know that more people are still using cocos2dx.
I don’t know if you’ll find many requests asking for cocos2dx tutorials. I would be very interested in servers since I have no idea how to do leadboards just to connect to a server storing the highest scores(haven’t investigated much yet).
This is the game that I am currently developing in cocos2dx 4
my cocos2dx game
In any case, I also much prefer to create a spirte and position it using code that having to go throuhg a ui, drag and drop, translate in a viewport, then select the sprite and attach to it type scripts…I do see the appeal for other users to use cocos creator, but many of us still prefer and will keep using cocos2dx even if it is not updated anymore.


Hold on a moment bruv. we where talking the other day we had a good chat in another thread and I said I would create a space shooter because you inspired me to make one so I been Woking on this for about 3 days because I was busy writing a new Joystick to post on here because your game was windows I think because you don’t have a joystick in order to put it on a android or apple device. let me snatch a couple of screenshots ill sort out a YouTube account

here is the debug output

sorry the motorbike is not part of the FX london is a bit busy. had window open.

ill send code soon for everyone to use.
I was just in the middle of writing the enemy class when I got your message :slight_smile:

That’s true I forgot. Nice work! Glad my game helped others to keep working on their own.
Are You using prerrendered 3d sprite? Looks neat.
Keep it up.

Yes I’m using 3ds max to make different 3 sprite. remember I said the engine can hide & show sprites
that’s all it dose quick and simple. you could make it 3 different animations and do the same thing.

Example, joystick up or dir = -1 show the up ship sprite and Hide forward and down sprites.

void Hero::SwitchHero(int dir) {
switch (dir) {
case 0:
flame->setPosition(Vec2( -35,6.0 ) );

case -1:
flame->setPosition(Vec2( -35,4.0 ) );

I will be releasing the code soon just working the other classis then need to comment code. Then I would like other people to change the sprites add there own movement and use it to make there own space shooter’s, oh I also upgraded to using source 4.0.

I’m not sure where you got the impression that Cocos2d-x will continue to be maintained for bugs. The GitHub repo for Cocos2d-x v4 hasn’t been updated in over 13 months now, with the most recent push to the repo being just for: “Setup github actions for V4” with nothing since then.

There are currently still many bugs in the Cocos2d-x game engine, including a memory leak in the FontAtlasCache that still hasn’t been fixed for many years and the fact that using DrawNodes as a stencil for a ClippingNode causes the ClippingNode to not clip anything at all. Just look at the over 1,400 Open Issues currently on the GitHub repo, see the lack of responses to virtually all of them, and then please give me your reasoning and justification behind your statement that you:

believe it will be maintained for bugs.

I’d love to believe that myself, and would like to continue using an engine I’m familiar with, but unfortunately there is just no facts or logical reason to think that Cocos2d-x will ever receive another update, even in the form of bug fixes.

The bug maintaince was mentioned in other threads similar to this one. Cocos2dx 4.0 was released in 2019. Last commit was december 3 2021. You can always switch to any other popular fork that is much more active.

@ExNull_Tyelor If you have some time, please try this fork (which is being maintained), and if any of the bugs you mentioned still exist, then please do log an issue against that fork. As far as I know. using a DrawNode as a stencil for a ClippingNode is working correctly in this fork, and most (if not all) known bug that existed in Cocos2d-x v4 has been fixed.


I looked into Axmol a bit, but we’re probably not going to end up using it for our next project. The Axmol engine’s setup appears to be designed for small solo/independent developers and isn’t easy to setup in a platform and system independent way for team collaboration and version control through Perforce. The setup creates and links your projects to hard-coded paths for Axmol directly on your machine, and attempting to change that ended up causing numerous other issues during build time. I spent some time attempting to fix the project file issues that occurred on Xcode, and also spent some time manually setting up an Xcode project but ultimately spent more time than I wanted to just trying to setup the project to even be able to submit it to our Perforce server for my team members to get and attempt to compile on their respective machines (Windows and MacOS).

Had Axmol’s setup worked a bit better out of the box for our use case, and been a bit more close to the Cocos2d-x setup and project structure, we might’ve tried it out for our next project. But as it stands we don’t want to be fighting and spinning our wheels just trying to get all team members to be able to compile the project and engine on their local machines, without having to compile Axmol on their local machines and manually edit their project files to link to their build of the engine.

Could you share more details? I am thinking about migration to axmol.

Axmol compiles with Github actions on all platforms. please check e.g.: Fix download task creation failure Program crash · axmolengine/axmol@9983fd0 · GitHub

@ExNull_Tyelor That is definitely not the case, and the issues you’re encountering may be very specific to your setup. For Xcode or multi-developer management, I haven’t experienced any of what you mentioned, and this is for a relatively large project for a number of platforms (Windows, iOS, Android). The Xcode issues you mentioned are strange, because all that is required for our project using that engine is to generate the project files, and no manual editing to Xcode project files is ever required. Everything is handled in the CMakeLists file. Same goes for the game engine path, to which the solution was presented here.

Perhaps this isn’t the most appropriate place for discussions related to axmol. and they should instead be done here.

Hello Guys, Are you guys able to build with targetSdkVersion 31? with cocos2dx 3.16.1 cpp ?

Hi, I thought it would be because Cocos Studio needs it to compile to native android or ios apps. else studio will only compile for make web apps. thought you had to install cocos2dx for studio to make it a native device app and for that to happen thought they will have to keep cocos2dx maintained because of studio Or am I wrong can cocos studio without cocos2dx source compile to a native android app or ios ?.

Dont use Cocos Studio for your any new games. Its already discontinued 6-7 years ago.

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some news about the AXMOL Engine:

AXMOL Engine– A Multi-platform Engine for Desktop, XBOX (UWP) and Mobile games. (A radical fork of Cocos2d-x-4.0)


AXMOL . It’s a nice engine. “When there is this, that comes to be; with the arising of this, that arises. When there is not this, that does not come to be; with the cessation of this, that ceases”. Right ?