Is cocos2d-x still supporting lua?

Is cocos2d-x still supporting lua?

Hi there.

I wander, is cocos2d-x still supporting lua language? If it’s supporting, why I can’t find informations or code samples in documentation page? I can only see c++ and js code samples in there.

We support it but there isn’t really a lot of documentation. The API-Ref has lua in it.

Is there a plan about that? I think, you may add lua code block section in the help decument. it would be enough.

There is a plan to add Lua to the docs, but JavaScript needs to be finished first. If you want to send in PR’s to any chapter in the Programmers Guide I can handle making sure it looks pretty and merging. Just writing the code would be helpful.

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Yeah I’d make sure to have the full engine source and open the lua test project to view example code.

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where i found lua api ref

I do believe Lua is mixed in with c++:

Can I hijack this thread? Just wanted to say how come JS have gotten more attention and priority over LUA, than LUA itself since LUA was integrated first into Cocos2d-x.

Lua started getting introduced into Cocos2d-x development by June 03, 2013, by February 12, 2015 it had a solid ground…

JavaScript got introduced by April 20 2015.

Why is that? Do they left behind Lua? and since JavaScript is a “widely” used language, does it has more attention?

I am not sure what you are referring to. We support Alia. We upgrade it too. Look at recent release notes.

I know you guys support Lua, but not to an extent, for example the default language taken into consideration when developing with Cocos Creator is JavaScript, However, Lua is no where to be seen. You have to do nifty tricks [1] in order to setup a project like using the lua templates and it’s a struggle. Do you guys have any plans in order to integrate Lua just like JavaScript or the ability to code in Lua from the Editor itself just like with JS?

Thanks for replying, your answers are highly appreciated.

[1] =

We have a Lua plugin. I think in beta or close to it.

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I’m using cocos2dx 3.9, how can I binding a template class to Lua,
TOLUA_TEMPLATE_BIND can not use in。


for template function, how can I binding lua?

class ClassA
template<class T1, class T2>
static ClassA* createClassA(T1 t1, T2 t2);

Thanks in advance!