Is cocos2d-x still being maintained?


I really present my apologies about the topic, but i’m wondering what is the future of Cocos2d-x, first, i need to say this engine is really confortable, and of course seems to be in a very mature state, so sometimes i wonder myself : Myself… maybe there is no more update because the engine works flawlessly and does not require more maintenance… And that has some sense since a 2D game really does not has much things to take in mind than some sprites, sounds and inputs (not at least as a 3d game that cover a lot of more topics like shaders and so)…

Could we say Cocos2d-x does not needs more maintenance?..


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Right now v4 is being maintained. Engineers are working on merging between the awesome parts of 2D-x and the awesome parts of Creator.

We gladly accept pull requests to help improve the engine.

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That’s good, but Cocos is GUI based and does not use C++, i like to hand-code c++, is there any future for me ?

Thanks Slack.

Yes v4 is current and where the effort is put.

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