Is cocos2d-x good for normal app in 2017?

Is cocos2d-x good for normal app in 2017?
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I want to create an app in C++, not a complex app, but still is not a game.

I would like to know if I can use cocos2d-x for a normal app. Besides I would be increasing my knowledge, because I want to develop games on future.

Thanks <3


You can use Cocos2d-x for any type of app you want. It might have a bit more overhead. I know of others using it for everyday apps and even one using for a music player. Solu even uses it as to develop the OS for their cloud computer.


You can use it to create any type of app you want man.

I am using it right now to create a regular app, and I needed some graphic stuff added to the app so Cocos fit right in.


Thanks for the help guys =)


While you can use Cocos2dx for a ‘normal’ app, it’d be worth evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of using it.

Let’s say that right now it was a basic application, is it worth having the extra overhead powering the engine which wasn’t being used to its full potential? Could you perhaps code your application in a less complex way if you used a different cross-platform solution?

Or perhaps, your application is basic but will potentially expand to use some of the features within the engine or that the engine implements well? If so, then it’d be worth using the engine to start with to avoid rewriting it.

Evaluate where you wish to see your application go and the features which it may require in the future, and then see how Cocos2dx suits it. While it’d be great to focus your learning on just the one engine, it’s still good to get a broad range of experience with different technologies! :slight_smile: