iPhone13 Pro Max with deltaTime of 0.0333 when tapping the screen

Nice to meet you.

I have been using cocos2d-x for 10 years and I really like it.

I’ve tried with both 3.17.2 and 4.0, but when I create a new project (the one that says Hello World on the screen) and run it on my iPhone 13 Pro Max (iOS15.1) and tap the screen, the deltaTime is 1/30 (0.0333) every few times.

I can’t reproduce this on iPhone XS Max (iOS15.1), iPhone SE (iOS14.6), and iPhone7 (iOS12.5.4).

Thank you for your cooperation.

I don’t see this issue in GitHub yet although there is an issue reported back on Mojave similar to this. Create an issue so the developers can track it. I don’t, however, know a timeframe for a fix. Issues · cocos2d/cocos2d-x · GitHub

Have this same issue when trying to run coco2d-x on iPhone13 Pro Max with “CADisableMinimumFrameDurationOnPhone” enabled (120hz).

Had to disable 120hz because the game lagged as soon as I touched the screen. Any ideas on what is causing this? Thanks

I contacted Apple Developer Technical Support 4 months ago.
They have investigated the issue, but have yet to resolve it.