iPhone X slow transitions (Xcode Bug) and not full screen (solved)

iPhone X slow transitions (Xcode Bug) and not full screen (solved)
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Is it enough? I just created a blank project, sure you need to supply png launch image with appropriate size(1125 x 2436). Or you want I create a blank project and put images and share it?(Just file-> new project-> single view application) It will be same, but I can do it…

With it I’ve got:


1125.000000 x 2436.000000


Damn, this new simulator is extremely slow. :scream:


Yep, it seems work for iPhone X, but @Rusty said it can not work on iPad Pro, it is a pity that i don’t have the device to test. And this method requires more pictures and should adaption every time a new resolution is added. So i still think engine should use storyboard by default, developers can change it for special requirements.


If you game supports iPad Air(it’s definitely should) so you should not be worry about any other iPad’s.
On any iPad Pro it will be automatically scaled by iOS with best possible quality.


Good point! It probably depends on your goals. If you want to support iPhone X, iPad Pro 10.5 and iPad Pro 12.9 at their native resolutions, a Storyboard seems to be the only way to go.


Again. Only for iPad Pro you need storyboard, but for iPhone X you can just add Launch Image(yes, or use storyboard for all) png. Ok :slight_smile: ?


This all works for me without any storyboards.

Static Launch Screen Images

It’s best to use an Xcode storyboard for your launch screen, but you can provide a set of static images if necessary. Create static images in different sizes for different devices, and be sure to include the status bar region.

Device Portrait Size Landscape Size
12.9" iPad Pro 2048px × 2732px 2732px × 2048px
10.5" iPad Pro 1668px × 2224px 2224px × 1668px
9.7" iPad 1536px × 2048px 2048px × 1536px
7.9" iPad mini 4 1536px × 2048px 2048px × 1536px
iPhone X 1125px × 2436px 2436px × 1125px
iPhone 8 Plus 1242px × 2208px 2208px × 1242px
iPhone 8 750px × 1334px 1334px × 750px
iPhone 7 Plus 1242px × 2208px 2208px × 1242px
iPhone 7 750px × 1334px 1334px × 750px
iPhone 6s Plus 1242px × 2208px 2208px × 1242px
iPhone 6s 750px × 1334px 1334px × 750px
iPhone SE 640px × 1136px 1136px × 640px


iPad Pro(12.9 and 10.5) will not eat that images. Comon… it’s not fun anymore.


what do you mean?


I mean that iPad Pro 12.9 will only give it’s full canvas size with storyboard.

Create and what todo next?


but them where you specify your launch images go. See my pic above. Let me see about making a small demo project laid out correctly. This works.


iPad will ignore that image.


it doesn’t for me. My iPad Pro launch images is different than my others, on purpose, and it shows up. Not the lower sized image. Have you modified your info.plist, by chance?


It’s showing iPad Air launch image for you…
When 1-st gen. of 12.9 iPad comes out I tried to use launch image png file and it was ignored on iOS 9/10 even with right name and right info.plist file.

And since in images assets there is no “officially” place for this iPad:


You should use storyboard for it. And if you tested on iOS 11, make sure to test on iOS 10 and iOS 9.


I agree with @slackmoehrle and create a storyboard into the example app, because it’s working and the way Apple wants it now (since iOS 8).