iPhone X slow transitions (Xcode Bug) and not full screen (solved)

iPhone X slow transitions (Xcode Bug) and not full screen (solved)
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I downloaded the golden master of Xcode 9 (with cocos 3.15.1). My main issue are:

  • very slow transitions in emulator
  • not full screen on iPhone X

Does anybody had same issues or know how to fix it?


Same, thats just bad… Apple did something wrong… no other comments.


Whenever there is major OS (iOS/Android) update, always headache for developers. :wink:


Can you show screenshot how it looks? Don’t have golden master and I’m just curious :slight_smile:


The screen is letterboxed.

@KAMIKAZE Also slow transitions or only wrong screen size?


Did you modify the info.plist?


I added fabric (Crashlytics) or do I need to change for iOS 11/iPhone X something special?


This is my screen.

I will now test an empty project.

The hello world project has same (wrong) ratio.

Edit 2:
I was not sure, if the problem is related to landscape, so I switched to portrait mode. Same issue.


One part (weird scaling) can be fixed with a launch screen storyboard.



Still open: very slow transitions and animations.


You can also fix it by specifying a launch image with the correct file name.


And what is the correct file name?


I’m still trying to get the GM downloaded. I’ll update this thread once I have it.




I finally got the GM downloaded!


I think we should use storyboard for launch screen as this doc says. Then we don’t have to adapter different resolutions everytime.

@mars3142 the speed issue is related with Xcode. You can create an empty app using Xcode template to test it. And there is an issue in Apple developer forum about it.


@zhangxm Nice, to see that it is not my fault with Xcode 9. Sadly your link to the issue isn’t working anymore. And it’s great that you will switch with cocos2d-x to storyboard for the launch screen in the future.


Link to the issue is working fine for me.


@mars3142 i just opened the link, it works. May be you should login to open it. And @dumganhar will send a PR to use storyboard. Only one splash image is needed for every resolution.


I tried Default-812h.png, but doesn’t work. Storybard launchscreen is the solution. https://forums.developer.apple.com/thread/86816


Yep, storyboard is the only resolution for iPhone X.