iPad Pro 11 support?

iPad Pro 11 support?


When running on iPad Pro 11’ inch on simulator (I don’t own the device) game is letterboxed in old iPad (3:2) aspect ratio, namely 1024x768 (in points). Usually this is caused by missing launch image, but there aren’t any new to add in assets editor in Xcode. I even tried an empty project and couldn’t do it. It only worked fine If I used LaunchScreen made in storyboard.


You aren’t getting the right size in the simulator? Is there anything out of the ordinary in your AppDelegate? I also think you can do this without storyboards using launch images.


I can try it for you. I got the iPad Pro 11.


I have an iPad Pro 2 12.9 if you ever need anything.


This isn’t really problem cocos2d-x itself, I think, but from the other hand everyone will probably face this, unless it’s just a simulator issue, which I doubt is.

Can you run an empty iOS project (Single Page) with added launch images? (be sure to remove LaunchScreen.storyboard) and print the size of it?


This is how it looks on simulator:

Here’s example project: