[iOS] The Funberry Game

[iOS] The Funberry Game

My very first game is out on the App Store.
Phew… even a simple game like this takes a looot of work y’all! :sweat: Thanks for all the help along the way!

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Looks fun. Congrats on releasing. What’s next? A second title?

Cocosd-x or Creator?


Thanks! Yes, gamedev is too much fun to give up, even though it’s an insane amount of work. I have an idea that I want to make a prototype of first, to see if it any fun to play. Besides that I’m thinking of porting unfinished projects to cocos and finish those, haven’t quite decided yet.

I used cocos2dx, because I prefer statically typed languages over dynamic, like javascript (Intellisense in Visual Studio is so nice you just don’t want to give it up). I’d prefer some other - more modern - language than C++, like C# or Haxe, but unless team cocos adds support for those, I don’t have much of a choice :slight_smile: