[iOS] Speedy Skater

[iOS] Speedy Skater

We just released our first game for iOS.



Tools we used: Cocos Creator, SDKBox (for GameCenter, ads, IAP), Git, Photoshop, Adobe Flash.
I’m the programmer at a two-person studio called Dhan Games. If you have any development questions for me or the artist @JustJoeKim, feel free to ask

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The character designs look very cute and I love the cityscape and the parallax effect. The gameplay looks like a very standard infinite runner tho. This seems like a very impressive first release for your new studio - congratulations and good luck!! :alien:


congratulations and good luck!!


congratulations on the release! Try and spice it up with unique game play!


Nice game @Codemattic :slight_smile:

You are your game purchase doesn’t work ? it throw a itune error.


@Nuno147 what’s your ios version?


I dont have ios, but looking very good for a first game!


@Codemattic @slackmoehrle yeah the gameplay is very simple. we just wanted to make a game from start to finish. our next game is a shoot em up. much more interesting gameplay i promise


Smart. There are so many things to learn about releasing an app that you should start slow and small and when you are confident in your app store knowledge work on bigger more involved projects.