[iOS] Microbian

[iOS] Microbian

Congrats! I am going to play your game.

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Its great - good luck in the store - I hope it finds an audience!

My top score: 2038 at 34% - you should see me yell at my iPad when I miss a close jump

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Congrats. I play your game and love it.
I rate it 5 star and write a small positive review.

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Thanks! an update with new backgrounds is on the way. Also, for the free version we decide to remove the adds, the limited lifes and a free level longer… Hopefully we can change our bad reviews;(


Thanks! I really appreciate it.


Hi everyone! Next week i will launch a big update of Microbian with a lot of new stuff… new mechanics, new levels, new enemies and much more… we decided to make all the game free with adds and some limitations (only one life in each gameplay, one background and one soundscape) In the the full versión you can revive your spider and unlock all the backgrounds and all the music and of course, remove the ads. (edit* The update is already available so just check the link in the first post to download Microbian)


My high score is currently 63% and 4000. I was just thinking how much money you would make off of me for paid revives. When I die doing something dumb if there was a dialog asking if I wanted to revive for $0.99 I would probably buy that.

Looking forward to try the new version. New creatures, new traps, new ways to die… can’t wait!

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hahahahaa!!! if we ask $0.99 for each revive, we probably get murder by all users except you;) With your high score and the extra lifes of the update you will be able to finish the game and see whats happen with our little friend;) You totally deserve it :wink:


If after this update Apple doesn’t feature Microbian we riot


Apple already featured the first version of Microbian in “Indie games we love” . In the first month we had 300k downloads but the sales were very low;( (under 1%) We don´t know if this is the average but we applied again for this update… we will see :crossed_fingers:


The update of Microbian is now live in the AppStore! And also, we have a new trailer;)

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That looks really cool.

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Besides all the wonderful new creatures and traps - I especially love all the new bouncing around, backtracking, and vertical movement introduced in this update. A big improvement for an already pretty fun game. It is a little disconcerting sometimes not being sure if I am jumping to a safe platform offscreen or to my death. It seems the rule is if there is any platform reachable onscreen go there and if not take a leap of faith.

300k downloads seems pretty good for a self-published game. Have the download numbers stayed steady? I hope this update and new business model are successful for you guys. If you guys are against paid revives maybe sell additional characters we can play as? It is strange but so many people buy expensive devices yet are unwilling to pay anything for the games they play on them - but they will pay for extra skins, and hats, and dances, etc…

Are you no longer tracking food-poison and food-combo scores? Didn’t the previous version give you a score for how many food-triplets you had and how much poison you had avoided?

I did find one bug. My guy got stuck in the landscape and all forward movement stopped but the score kept increasing. I could of just stayed there and ran my score up indefinitely:

Anyway, terrific update I hope it works out for you guys!

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Thanks @Codemattic.I really appreciate your opinions… I know that sometimes the big falls are confusing. I tríed to force the player to choose the correct path but if the spider is running too fast is hard to get…

Regarding the downloads… while we were in the App Store section “games we love” the downloads were really good but now we only have around 500/day… we thought that maybe with this big update, apple would feature again Microbian, but no luck yet…

Respect the scores, a lot of users doesn’t understand the logic of the combos or the Food/Poison balance so we decide to make the score screen more minimalistic…

About that bug, it is a bad position of the ground module… shit … i must stop the score if the x velocity of the player is 0…

Anyway! Thanks for your constructive criticism and let me know if you finish the game! :slight_smile: