IOS Build / Compile Question

IOS Build / Compile Question


Okay, so i performed a build ( binary ) for IOS on my game, then I went to build > jsb-binary > frameworks > runtime-src > proj.ios_mac and choose mygame.xcodeproj to open in Xcode.

Now, in Xcode ( 8.1 ) , I go ahead and check settings like Identity, Setting, and Deployment Info, however, in Deployment Info should I leave it at 6.0 or move up to 8.0? Do you think some people are still with ios 6 for older devices…?

Also, I install my game into my Iphone 5S ( IOS 10.1.1 ), via Xcode however, the music / sounds don’t play… ? The game is giving me a steady fps 55-60, which is not bad…. So my main question is, can I compile as well through Xcode or once I make the changes within Xcode ( like mentioned above ), I should go ahead and compile through Cocos Creator?

Also, I’ve noticed that if i BUILD > COMPILE using default, size would be higher? Is this due to the fact that is using jsb? However, if I BUILD > COMPILE using binary, size is smaller? May I ask, the main difference between building / compiling through default and binary? I do apologize if so many questions, but I would like to understand the process better, and do things right…Thanks for reading and God Bless…




For those newbies out there, just a heads up, you can also compile through XCODE, just go below:

Note: This is for XCODE 8

Nevertheless, would like to know the difference between default and binary, when building and compiling for either platform ( IOS /Android ), especially when it comes to .app size…Thanks and God Bless…



@luke2125 If you don’t have any reason to use version 8, why to exclude potential customers that still use version 6? I’d stick with it set as version 6.

Hi @plicatibu

Thanks for the feedback, yes, I’m sticking with minimum ios 6… :slight_smile: God Bless…



Hello, there
Thank you for your guide.
I’m making a game with cocos creator, but I want to build project for IOS.
So I upload my game project on Mac cocos creator and build it, but my project received error. When I build game in xcode, project can’t play.(On windows there is no error)
Why? Please help me. Thank you for your Patiently. Bests.

I had the same problem when I upgraded to cocos creator 2.1.3. BUT was fix when I changed the iOS version to 10 minimum. Older version does not work anymore with 2.1.3 builds I guess.

Thank you for your reply.
I’m sorry, I can’t understand what you mean.
What is the IOS version to 10 minimum? Xcode version or mac system version? I beg your pardon my question.
I’ll wait your answer.

It’s the IOS deployment target :

If I try with a lower target, it seems to have an error.

Thank you very much! Your help is just what i want. I’ll give you best feedback.:blush:
By the way, I have a problem in cocos creator. I want to show file upload dialog in my game project. For example when i button click “upload” in game, show upload file dialog and should be choose file such as image and use it in game.

Sorry, don’t know if there is such a function.
BUT, If I where to to do it, I will create a webpage That allows upload and use the WebView component to show it.

docs are here:

Thank you for your reply again.
I’ll give you best feedback and you’ll be happy.