[iOS][Android]Shuffle and K.O. - A turn based checkerboard game

Shuffle and K.O. is a turn based game played on a checkerboard, which the goal is to knock your opponent’s polygons / circles out of arena!

App Store : ‎Shuffle and K.O. on the App Store

Google Play : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shuffleandko.android

Gameplay video:

Hope you would enjoy playing it, thank you!

Now, at current version, you may enter ‘Comp. vs Comp.’ (View 2 computers playing together) for all unlocked stages without purchasing, hope you would enjoy the game!

The gameplay video at the beginning of this topic is removed because UI is changed, new gameplay video:

Currently the spin meter is moved to the bottom, hope it would be easier to set the spin of polygons and hence have better gameplay experience!

Can’t find edit buttons at the beginning of post…Seems editing old post is not allowed currently (can’t remove link of deleted old gameplay youtube video at top most…)? So post update here again…

“More games” list is updated… Also some minor UI changes…