[iOS][Android] reverse ladybug

Hello cocos-community,

We just released our second game “reverse ladybug” .

And again, we wanted to thank everybody from the cocos-community for this great engine and the support :slightly_smiling_face:

Two reverse ladybugs got into a storm. Help them get through the storm well.
Swipe right or left to move one of the ladybugs in the appropriate direction. But be careful, the other ladybug moves in the opposite direction.
Do your best to avoid as many raindrops as possible. If one of the ladybugs is hit by a raindrop, you lose.

The graphic looks cute, but the game is more than difficult :smiley:

The game is developed in Cocos2d-x v3.17.1 (including minor fixes from later versions).

reverse ladybug on Google Play Store

reverse ladybug on Apple App Store

Our website: https://www.embiegames.com

Have fun protecting the ladybugs :slight_smile:

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cool. I’d really enjoy playing this. Neat concept.

Tried it, it’s quite hard, you have to focus a lot, especially when you reach level 3.
It’s a good surprise.