[iOS][Android] OH~! My Office

[iOS][Android] OH~! My Office

Hello everyone, I would like to introduce myself.

Cornerpuz Ltd. is a tiny indie game development team based in Hong Kong. We are a 2-man crew and both of us have more than 5-year mobile game development experience. We aim to develop games bringing fascinatingly gorgeous experience to players.

And now I am grateful to announce that our first game OH~! My Office is alive in App Store and Google Play Store!



The game is developed in Cocos2d-x 3.17.1, with the usage of SDKBox as well. You can see our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/CornerpuzOHMyOffice/ for more information.

And this is our teaser trailer:

Press kit:


Time Travel to Save Your Company!

The company your father built is about to go bankrupt. It is the last day. With all your employees packed and saying their farewells, only you and your loyal secretary Elsa remain to close up one final time. Right at this moment a mysterious girl Kana appears. She offers you the chance to travel to the past and change the fate of your company. She brings you back… all the way back to the day your father founded the company. Confused and lost in time, you hope to find your father to explain what has happened, but instead, he has gone missing. You now must run the company in your father’s stead, find out what has happened to him, and all the while uncover how this mysterious Kana is involved with all of this…


Whip Your Staff Into Shape!

Slackers beware! Whether it is a nap or playing on your phone, those who slack off will be severely punished! To ensure every moment of your employees’ time is spent raising profits, you are given “The Hammer of Productivity” to bring out the “best” in your staff!

Money Well Spent

Profits earned should always be invested in growing your business empire. Equip your office with better facilities, equipment, office pets or give yourself a makeover and arm yourself with a variety of “motivational tools”. Huge selection of upgrades to take your company to the next level!

Your staff is the company’s best resource. The game features a large cast of colorful and unique characters each with their personal abilities and talents. Build up your dream team and become the next billion-dollar unicorn!

  • 11 Chapters to push your company to all new levels!

  • Over 50 unique staff to choose from, 10 different types of staff each with 6 unique abilities!

  • Customize, modify and arrange your office layout. Special office items to help you become a global company!

  • Deep avatar system to customize yourself to be the ultimate boss!

  • Don’t just act like a Boss, Dress like a Boss too!

  • Lots of “management tools” at your disposal!

  • 100% Pet-Friendly Office!

  • Cast of Colorful Characters


This is awesome! Love the concept and art. Can we interview your team for our blog?


Sure! Thanks for your appreciation. I love this community!


Ping me slackmoehrle@cocos2d-x.org


Oh looks great game with awesome art will definitely play this game.
i am also indie game developer your story inspire us…:slight_smile:


Thanks! This is our first game and there is plenty of room for improvement. :sweat_smile: