IOS 14 beta 7-8 webgl blending issue

I have been using Sprite Blend Factors to do some color effects and its been working as intended until i tried out my game in ios 14 beta. Im using DST_COLOR for the source then DST_ALPHA for the destination to create a sort of spotlight effect.

here is a video of it should look (running in safari ios 13)

and this how it looks in IOS 14, noticed that the blending is different already and when i change orientation/window size, the blending starts to flicker

I believe this an issue with the new IOS and might be fixed by them but i would like to check it here if there is any solutions for this. i have tested this with 2.2.2, 2.4.2 & 2.4.3-rc3.

Hi, thanks for your feedback, this looks like an issue with iOS itself, and we will continue to follow up on this issue.

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