iOS 10.0 Performance under 10 FPS?

iOS 10.0 Performance under 10 FPS?
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Hello everybody,

I restart a project after 4 years of silence. My first was on Cocos so … I downloaded the Cocos Studio 2 because I want a tool to design simply and develop in CPP, with XCode. (If I understand, it will be soon with Cocos Creator but not available for the moment ou en beta).
Everythings seemed to be well but I have a very very slow FPS under 8FPS. But my app just uses 10 png/nod for the main scene. So I don’t understand.
My tools :
XCode 8
Cocos2d-X 3.10

I searched to run the test with the cocos performance test, to verify, but it’s the same. FPS around 11/12.

I saw this post, I don’t know if it’s the same problem, not sure.
If somebody has the same issue … or has the solution ?

Thx a lot


I guess they are not the same problem.
Is it only happen on iOS 10? Did you try other iOS devices with different system version?


Just to confirm, are you testing on a physical device or on the simulator?

My game (which heavily uses physics and implements a decent number of third-party frameworks) runs at a steady 60 FPS on a physical device (even the slower devices!) while on the simulator it runs at ~10 FPS.

If you want to get an accurate frame rate, use a physical device.


Many thanks for your responses.
@dumganhar : Yes I tested on iOS 9 but it’s the same problem… I tested on ipad, ipad pro, ipad air, or on iphone … same problem.

But as @ryanbournedev has suggested I did’nt try on a physical device, only on the simulator. But I don’t have any device under the hand… I will test tomorrow and give a feedback.

Thx a lot guys


@Grododo Definitely give testing on a device a go, I’ll await hearing back from you!