Intergartion IronSource Ads to cocos2d-x project

Intergartion IronSource Ads to cocos2d-x project
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Did someone try to link ironSource ads to cocos2d-x project?
I was trying to integrate the ironSource SDK in my project, but when I try to watch some rewarded ad I have the error:
06-07 23:48:43.684 11074-11132/? D/IronSRC: onRewardedVideoAdShowFailed errorCode:508, errorMessage:Rewarded Video - showRewardedVideo can’t be called before the Rewarded Video ad unit initialization completed successfully
For settings IronSource I was using tutorial and demo project. I set a test device, too
Platform - Android
You can see the source of our project, manifest, and logs by the link:

Thank you for helping.


@smitpatel88 @slackmoehrle can you help ?


I dont know anything about IronSource.


The error you’re getting is because you’re trying to show the ads before the SDK finished initializing.
Which bridge are you using for cocos2dx?