Intergartion IronSource Ads to cocos2d-x project

Did someone try to link ironSource ads to cocos2d-x project?
I was trying to integrate the ironSource SDK in my project, but when I try to watch some rewarded ad I have the error:
06-07 23:48:43.684 11074-11132/? D/IronSRC: onRewardedVideoAdShowFailed errorCode:508, errorMessage:Rewarded Video - showRewardedVideo can’t be called before the Rewarded Video ad unit initialization completed successfully
For settings IronSource I was using tutorial and demo project. I set a test device, too
Platform - Android
You can see the source of our project, manifest, and logs by the link:

Thank you for helping.

@smitpatel88 @slackmoehrle can you help ?

I dont know anything about IronSource.

The error you’re getting is because you’re trying to show the ads before the SDK finished initializing.
Which bridge are you using for cocos2dx?

Try initializing it inside - (void) viewDidLoad in RootViewController.

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