Interactive Cocos2d-x Learning!

Interactive Cocos2d-x Learning!


Hi Everyone,

I am very pleased to tell you all that @SonarSystems and our team are working together to bring you an interactive learning platform. Conceived and developed by @SonarSystems, our team will assist in testing out lessons.

But…we need help. So…

Can you guys provide topics?

Also, would anyone like to write a lesson?


I can help with some of the beginner stuff, but only in C++ :grimacing:


Yeah, awesome. @SonarSystems will fill us all in on what they need and how. Thank you.


Sounds cool, but could you refine on the “interactivity”?

It this something like the Coursera/Udacity courses/classes, where you have to code in the missing pieces, coupled with quizzes, auto-graders and stuff like that?


The closest example is Codecademy so a truly amazing interactive learning experience.

Also it will be a great online playground for testing features without setting up a project etc.


That will also help, initially it will be Cocos2d-x JavaScript but we will implement C++ programming on the website platform in the future.


The interactive learning tool will not only be the ultimate learning experience for Cocos2d-x developers but game developers in general.

It will provide an easy to use playground for advancing your skill set from the basics to more advanced topics such as networking. Plus it will be a great way to test new code and ideas without having to set up any project. Almost like an online IDE for Cocos.

Easily get help from the community which can directly see what you are trying to do.


Sounds really ambitious.

Will it be free? If so, what’s the catch? :wink:


Free, of course.

Catch is, it won’t be out tomorrow but hopefully very soon :smiley:


Great! It will be great if there is tutorial in cocos2dx about controller like joystick, pinch zoom, drag etc.
and maybe some game project like flappybird series in @SonarSystems


That is the plan, cover the basics first but then show how to make a game etc plus cover advanced features.


What we really need from the community is to help us plan lessons to cover in what order etc. What should come before what etc.


Are you gonna discuss this herein or is there some other setup?


For now yet but something else will be setup so we can discuss it better.


i have a question i checked out sonarsystems website and saw tutorials about cocos2d-js and im wondering if i watch these tutorial would it be helpful for me im trying to create a game using cocos creator but this whole APİ stuff little bit confusing.


The Sonar tools are not applicable to Cocos Creator. Read here for more help.


cool so any suggestions besides documentaion for a newbie to learn ?