Integration with Admob

Integration with Admob
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Hi all,

How can I do to wrap the cocos2d-x cpp code to call a obj-c Admob code?


I think you should research “Admob” in upper right before asking the question.


Yes. I did.
A very nice article for cocos2d-x + admob for Android from this link:
Also, someone in this thread ( mention “It’s easier on iOS, please reference to CocosDenshion, you can learn how to wrap objc interfaces to c*+ in it.”
Then, I have searched internet and still no idea how to wrap objc interface to cocos2d-x cpp.
Sorry that I am very new for objc but have some background in C*+.

Could you mind share some example how I can make it? Thanks.


You can refer CocosDenshion/include/SimpleAudioEngine.h and CocosDenshion/iphone/
You can invoke objc and c++ by rename the file to