Integration of Firebase Crashlytics in Cocos2d-X engine

Integration of Firebase Crashlytics in Cocos2d-X engine

I am looking for some help to integrate Firebase Crashlytics in my Android game developed using Cocos2D-X engine. I am already using Firebase Analytics using a plugin from SDKBOX. Now, I want to use the Crashlytics services.

  1. Are there any good tutorials on this topic?

  2. Is it possible to use the automatic crash reporting service from Firebase?

  3. What are the steps to integrate the Firebase crashlytics?

I would appreciate any suggestions and thoughts on this topic. Thank you.

Follow the steps provided in Fabric Crashlytics installing page.

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Thank you for the reply. Though, Fabric crashlytics and Firebase crashlytics are the same but their Android setup process is slightly different. In Firebase crashlytics setup process we don’t need to mention any API key, which is not the case in Fabric crashlytics.

Hence, I looking for someone who installed crashlytics solution recently.

So, haven’t you followed the steps in firebase crashlytics page then? Didn’t that work?

Does firebase crashlytics support C++/NDK crashes?

Removed from cocos2d-x build.gradle: compile project(’:gps’)

firebase crashlytics supported C++/NDK crashes

1.) AdroidMainfest.xml add

<meta-data android:name="firebase_crashlytics_collection_enabled" android:value="false" />

2) add
Fabric.with(this, new Crashlytics(), new CrashlyticsNdk());
3)gradlew crashlyticsUploadSymbolsRelease


Yes, it is. Here our helper class for Android/iOS


wow that cool, I was all the time trying in tegrate it thru c++ but it always had some issues. can u share some of your use sceanrios/code samples?


meanwhile I don’t recommending to connect firebase to crashlytics - because it grabbing all users from google play console and givign to all of them accces to firebase and switching on for all users all possible notifications which will spam email

yep, i will add example project next week

does firebase crashlytics support iOS native crashes ?

yes, it is works. But if you send a lot of logs (about 5-10 per second) it possible to freeze your game. We are sending all debug log on android and only asserts and errors on iOS.

Sorry for the delayed response. I’ve added example project -

Thanks! Will have a look!

BTW did u also had issue when connected firebase to crahdlytics, that it took all users from google play console and added them access to firebase and then switched notifications on for all of them?

no, but our users from google play console already has access to firebase console

someone with com.dandy83ten.sample sends crashlogs to my console =)
You should replace io.fabric.ApiKey in AndroidManifest.xml (and APIKey in Info.plist for iOS)

Haha:) its not me yet:) probBly change in git you sdk key otherwise u will get a lot of this new apps

LOL, you maybe better to set a invalid or test ID with your example.

Those steps were very helpful for me, just one more thing, would mind sharing your crashlytics {} block in your gradle script? I’m not sure what dirs I need to put in there (obj and libs in the crashlitics docs) thanks in advance!