Integrating with 5173, Ontology and Other 3 Public Chains Makes BCX-NHAS-1808 the Most Recognized Non-Homogeneous Digital Asset Standard

Integrating with 5173, Ontology and Other 3 Public Chains Makes BCX-NHAS-1808 the Most Recognized Non-Homogeneous Digital Asset Standard

Following partnership with GAM,a company incubated by 5173(a game asset trading platform) on the collaborative promotion of BCX-NHAS-1808 Standard, Cocos-BCX reached agreement on strategic cooperation with other partners including Ontology, Zilliqa, TRON and NEO to integrate NHAS-1808 Standard with these public chains. This makes NHAS-1808 Standard so far the most Recognized Non-Homogeneous Digital Asset Standard.

NHAS-1808 Standard proposed a set of unified and extendable digital asset standards and specifications, providing new asset-based business models, and a unique worldview-backed economic system for digital assets, aiming at providing a complete and convenient development environment for game developers, thus to dig out features of blockchain game and enable industrial-level game development on blockchains.

NHAS-1808 Standard is powered by Cocos-BCX, a platform for decentralized game application and digital asset production lunched by CHEN Haozhi — a prominent internet entrepreneur, and Richard Yang — a seasoned investor. Cocos-BCX aims at providing complete blockchain game infrastructures for game developers and lower the bar for game development, thus to facilitate industrial-level game development on blockchains and coincide the interest between gamers and makers.

The initial focus of Cocos-BCX is to make blockchain game development easier while NHAS-1808 standard is an important part of this achievement.

Now in partnership with 5173 and GAM on collaborative promotion, as well as strategic cooperations with other partners including Ontology, Zilliqa, TRON and NEO on the integration, NHAS-1808 Standard will promote the development of the blockchain game industry better and faster.

For this cooperation, Director of Cocos-BCX Ecosystem Jane said:

“As a one-stop blockchain gaming infrastructure, Cocos-BCX is committed to promoting ecological construction of the decentralized gaming industry. We have recently released NHAS-1808 Standard and reached technical cooperations with the four powerful leading public chains. Cross-chain assets circulation is realized through Cocos-BCX exchange gateway, this is the stage-1 outcome, and cross-chain homogeneous digital assets circulation in integration with Ontology is already realized. We expect more substantive progress in this filed, to break digital assets circulation barriers among public chains, to take our full technical advantages to actively build a healthy, tradable and sustainable ecosystem of blockchain game industry”.

Ontology Co-Founder Zhoudong Ji said:

“The NHAS-1808 Standard Ontology cooperated on with Cocos-BCX is an industrial leading non-homogeneous digital asset standard, which not only expands the use boundary of the OEP5 standard, but also better matches worldview of various types of games, making it smooth to cross types of games without breaking the game balance.”

“Meanwhile, with additive attributes of trading, lease and pawn, digital assets opened profit models and gameplays for blockchain games, greatly improving the gameplay and allow more imagination. Cocos-BCX team has a rich knowledge and expertise in blockchain technology and game development. And as the entrance to blockchain game developers, Cocos-BCX is a rarely excellent team in the blockchain game industry. The NHAS-1808 Standard also enriches the economic system of the public chains, bringing new traffic and dynamism. Ontology maintains cooperation with Cocos-BCX to accelerate the blockchain + gamification process, and carry out more practical applications to lead the industry”.

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