Integrating Google Sheets Api

Integrating Google Sheets Api

I am new to Cocos Creator and JS altogether. (i’m much more familiar the cocos2d-x engine and coding in C++)

I am looking to build something for web / html5, so I am now trying out Cocos Creator. However, I can’t seem to find any information about integrating Google Sheets API. As the api comes with a number of client libraries (of different code languages) to choose from, what would be the best method?

I initially thought that it would be to use the JavaScript, but later realise that it is more for a web browser script, but may not be compatible with cocos creator, which is not a web-based framework?

And then, i saw this ->
which made me consider using Node.js, which is something i am totally new to.

So, what will be your recommendation? Is node.js the way to go?
Also, will this integration be only workable for web?
If I later decide to build for Android / iOS, will I have to separately use native integration?


I have come across a website that says node.js is not supported, but can only use npm packages for pure JavaScript.

Can anyone confirm that?
Any advice on the best way to integrate Google api for web? anyone?