Integrating google play services using sdkbox

Integrating google play services using sdkbox
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hi, i know i’m not the first person trying to do this , but it is driving me crazy, so i ask.
I use cocos2d-x3.14.1 (no the using creator) to create a new project and after that used sdkbox to import gpg.
everything looks fine, it even edits my AppDeligate.cpp and i can run it. (it ads init() of sdkbox::plugingpg)
but what is the next step? i found and tried to use the code but when i do it visual studio tells me that it cant find any of included files.
i appreciate any help and i think its kinda wrong that there is no tutorial or documentation explaining the next step!


I’m asuming you missing this setup:

Like there is included reference to gpg source files and you seems missing it in your project, no idea where they are located :smiley:


But how do these lines affect win32 compiler??? And again i have problem including headers which are in the files you added to I dont this be the solution


I found a solution, after checking out the file, it turns out sdkbox didn’t add

LOCAL_C_INCLUDES += ./gpg/include/

i’m gonna keep working on this to make sure thats all is needed.