Install sdkbox plugin with a specific version

Install sdkbox plugin with a specific version

Good Morning,

How can I install a sdkbox plugin but of a particular version on android?

We can ask @yinjimmy if anything is possible.

  1. you can download the particular plugin version
  2. put it into folder ~/.sdkbox/plugins
  3. sdkbox import ~/.sdkbox/plugins/sdkbox-firebase_v2.5.1.0
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Good afternoon,
@yinjimmy Thanks for the information, this case how can I associate a version with my project, since when loading the interface of sdkbox, it loads the latest version

Plugin load
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plz use sdkbox command.

Thanks for the information, I’ve never used the command, I always installed it by the interface that offers “cocos creator”, try this way

sdkbox import --project /Users/proyectos/NewProject_1/build/jsb-link/sdkbox-facebook_v2.5.1.0

But it generates an error, I’m using it correctly?

#FATAL: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘startswith’


Also try the next route
sdkbox import --project /Users/proyectos/NewProject_1/sdkbox-facebook_v2.5.1.0

Is there anything that needs to be changed?
Before you run it, delete the “jsb-link” folder and run the “Build” button again to create the folder again

Good morning, I already found a way to run the command to install the specific version of a plugin and it works well, the command is as follows:

sdkbox import --project /Users/proyectos/NewProject_1/app/jsb-link -b sdkbox-youtube_v2.5.1.2

sdkbox command

cocos creator 2.3.1

~/repos/ccc231/build $ sdkbox import ~/.sdkbox/plugins/sdkbox-facebook_v2.5.1.0 -p ~/repos/ccc231/build/jsb-link/ --nohelp  
_______ ______  _     _ ______   _____  _     _
  |______ |     \ |____/  |_____] |     |  \___/
  ______| |_____/ |    \_ |_____] |_____| _/   \_
 Copyright (c) 2016-2020 SDKBOX Inc. v1.3.1.0
 Please reference the online documentation to finish the integration:
 Installation Successful :)

hi there
Thank you for your help.
I did it on cmd: sdkbox import ~/.sdkbox/plugins/sdkbox-facebook_v2.5.1.2

I received error when I import special sdkbox version.

#FATAL: Package sdkbox-facebook_v2.5.1.2 couldn’t be found. Please run ‘sdkbox list’ to list all available pacakges
Installation failed :frowning:

What i have to doing?
Thank you.


Thanks all.

Thank you for your help.
Solved it with your help.

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