Install Cocos2d-x 2.2.2 or 3.0 beta on android

Install Cocos2d-x 2.2.2 or 3.0 beta on android


hello I can not create a project with the cocos2d-x 2.2.2 or 3.0 beta for android …
need help … Thanks …


It’s a nightmare.
Are you talking about creating new project or migrating from cocos2d-x iOS to Android?


Please give more information. Did you get any error when you create the project or while compiling?
Have you follow the documentation?
I’ve also written a short tuto about build cocos2dx for android.


It’s a nightmare? LOL – it is really not.

This post is a nightmare – cannot do what? Errors? Logs? Details?


I agree with corytrese on this one here. We can’t read your mind. :wink:
Dude, give us a platform you use, your version of Eclipse and a description of your problem.

Check these links also:


Hello hehehehe really sorry for the lack of information … already used many tutorials online. no longer worked … am using ndk r9 … sdk 19. latest version of java … the error in and I can not debug … and already tried cocos2d-x (2.2.2), (3.0 beta), (2.1.4,2.1.5) many versions Thanks for your help …



  1. Still, it is not clear what error you get from running the python script.
  2. Try to write full sentences, instead using (…) every 3 words.
  3. Grab the last stable version 2.2.2 and tell us which Eclipse version you have.


Hello sorry.
The version of eclipse is Version 4.2.1.
I’m using NDK, and ADT RC9.
SDK version 19.
Ever tried using version 2.2.2, version 3.0beta and it worked better.
the biggest problem is the time to debug.
Q I’ll just stay in cocos2d-iphone even heheheh …
Thank you.


may i ask what’s the connection of eclipse version to creating or building the proj?
is their a particular version of eclipse that cocos2dx can’t be build?


I agree with you it can be misleading. On debugging, this one is useful although a bit dated:

Hopefully you’ll still manage a good Android port.
Good luck!

Don’t have time for this right now, sorry.
Any other questions?


just wondering why you keep on asking about the version of eclipse he’s using?:slight_smile:


Because, there were issues with 2.1.0 and eclipse versions below 3.4.
You can google it up or look here on the forums.
Please fuck off now.:;sick


well if you are reading it clearly at the very start he said he’s using cocos2dx 2.2.2 even 3.0beta so logic dictates that issues pertaining to 2.1 that you are referring should have been ruled out but you still keep on asking and even advice to download the latest 2.2.2 which he already trying to create a proj. from. (sorry i can’t find the issue you are talking about maybe you could enlighten us or just me bec. you seem to not like me using US):slight_smile:
Im trying to learn dude and you seem so knowledgeable so pls do share your knowledge :wink:


Alright, i understand your point.
Maybe some misunderstandings happened.
Dude…its all good. Let’s cut the bullshit!
I am here to help, wherever i can, if time allows it. :;ok


haha… :slight_smile:
I don’t mean to annoy you mate, Im also trying to learn from his experience bec. soon i will play with this amazing api just waiting for the final stable release though bec, there might be changes so i might experience the same thing.
hey… it’s all good from me, no harm done here.



We have created 2 videos to help out :smiley:
Full Setup Tutorial
Quick Setup Tutorial