Incremental achievement unlock callback not called

Hello there,
I tried a lot to trigger this callback function but no luck.
When i call sdkbox::PluginSdkboxPlay::incrementAchievement(a,b)
callback function onIncrementalAchievementStep calls but when achievement unlocked,
there is no call for onIncrementalAchievementUnlocked or any error callbacks.
I can see that achievement is unlocked from Google Play Games interface. I can not reveal dependent achievement because of this.
Yet another thing is, i see lots of crash logs on google-play android vitals:

  #00  pc 0000000000385298  xxx/lib/arm/ (_ZN6sdkbox20GPGAchievementsProxy9incrementERKNSt6__ndk112basic_stringIcNS1_11char_traitsIcEENS1_9allocatorIcEEEEi+7)
  #01  pc 0000000000256dbf  xxx/lib/arm/
  #02  pc 000000000026722b  xxx/lib/arm/ (_ZN7cocos2d8Sequence6updateEf+298)
  #03  pc 0000000000266a53  xxx/lib/arm/ (_ZN7cocos2d14ActionInterval4stepEf+134)
  #04  pc 0000000000337799  xxx/lib/arm/ (_ZN7cocos2d13ActionManager6updateEf+86)
  #05  pc 000000000026c8c1  xxx/lib/arm/ (_ZNKSt6__ndk18functionIFvfEEclEf+28)
  #06  pc 00000000002fc66d  xxx/lib/arm/ (_ZN7cocos2d9Scheduler6updateEf+96)
  #07  pc 00000000002ec54b  xxx/lib/arm/ (_ZN7cocos2d8Director9drawSceneEv+46)
  #08  pc 00000000002ee735  xxx/lib/arm/ (_ZN7cocos2d8Director8mainLoopEv+36)
  #09  pc 00000000007a71ad  xxx/oat/arm/base.odex

almost 1.5 percent of my users effected by this crash.

cocos-version 3.17

Thanks for your reporting.

Is it the first time newly unlocked?

no more log ?

Yes, it is the first time the achievement unlocked. It notifies that achievement unlocked but no call to onIncrementalAchievementUnlocked .
Unfortunately, i also have crashlytics integrated but this crash log is the one that gives most info.