Inconsistent Web Sites, Docs and Releases between diff languages

Inconsistent Web Sites, Docs and Releases between diff languages

Why is the cocos2dx site “” different between languages? It’s kind of confusing when you need to look for the same thing in different languages especially for first time users. It took me a while to sort out a list of bookmarked site links to be efficient.

One of the reasons that requires me to switch between these languages is also due the inconsistencies of the API docs. For example:

Left: Chinese Version of ScrollView, Right: English Version of ScrollView

The releases timing was slightly odd too. Colleagues who depends on the Chinese site gets more upfront news about new releases than me who depend on the English version. I really hope things get more systematic and sorted, that would really improves our experiences using the engine. These things may seems to be less of a priority than engine enhancement and bug fixes, but I do believe they are equally important.


Perhaps @slackmoehrle can take note

So to be honest, our Creator docs are written in Mandarin first and translated to English second. I generate the API ref each release, but I don’t write it. Can you explain your screenshot above and the difference. To my eye, I don’t see it.

As far as releases, yes the Chinese community usually releases first, then English a day or two later. This is due to the time difference between the offices. Releasing for both teams is very much a curated (meaning manual) effort.

Thanks for tagging me. Feel free to do so. I apologize for not seeing this post.

@slackmoehrle the differences is that english version of scrollview does not have the events listed while the Chinese version did.

@slackmoehrle note that apart from the api documentation, the other doc for cocos creator between the languages is currently out of sync. Reference below:
English ver:
Chinese ver:

Really appreciate it if you guys can take time to re-align the documentation. If its possible, make them one instead of two different docs.

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Many doc pages have not been translated to English, for example

Weird, I deployed the updated docs and now I see it looks like something went wrong. I will work on this today.

This problem happened again on Creator 1.4 release, while the Chinese website has already updated to 1.4.0 docs, and the English site is still stopped at 1.3 docs.

The reason is that, at the very beginning of Cocos Creator, it focus Chinese market firstly, then Global secondly. Although today its quality is ready for global, the team still haven’t changed their mind and habit. I apologize for this.

In the last week, we discussed this problem in the team, and have a plan to update both Chinese & English docs in about 3 weeks.

In this post , @luke2125 mentions there’re some CMS that can support g10n.

Could these CMS support a markdown repository organized in git/github? Currently the docs are maintained in, then we use our custom tool to export these markdown docs into docs webpage.

@luke2125, these websites are using wordpress + custom tool for docs + discourse for forum. I also considered to merge everything under the umbrella. but all members in my team are game engine developers and game developers. I don’t have even one engineer can handle website front-end today. I kicked off the recruitment in the last week, if we really would merge and websites into one brand one website, I think it may be happen in 4~6 months later.

After all, the key is the quality of Cocos Creator & Cocos2d-x engine itself, and the quality of docs. We should focus on it majorly.

Here’s open sourced CMS I found that support markdown:
raneto - try here

And here’s a good list of tools:

Hi @walzer

I agreed that right now focus should be in engine / documentation quality. Nevertheless, the documentation aspect, even though, it has improved with @slackmoehrle, it could be improved further, especially for newcomers to the engine, which can turn into members in the near future. How about having a PT staff that’s experience with c++ and javascript to help out in the forums answering questions, especially for newbies and prevent the c-ya reaction.? I understand that sometimes it’s very difficult to answer the posts in the forum, since the Cocos Creator / Cocos2dx team is working on the engine, but just imagine if the team would be 100 % focusing on engine aspects, and having that PT staff helping out in the forum.

The question is how can we grow the community and at the same time answer their forum questions in a timely manner, without using engineers / developers intervention if needed, so they can focus on improving the engine ( Cocos Creator / Cocos 2dx ). Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions…God Bless…