In App Billing version

In App Billing version

Where can i check what version of Google In App Billing the IAP of SDKBox is using?
Google refunds any purchase with 2.x (Google In App Billing) after 3 days if you dont aknowledge the purchase.
Am using SKBoxIAP v2.4.0.2 but cant find any background information.

Theres no dependencies writen down visible in the SKDBoxIAP v2.4.0.2 code (searched every file for “”) but since SDKBoxIAP v2.5.0 uses IAPBilling v1.0 i think v2.4.0.2 will use it as well.

check file cpp317/

dependencies { compile '' }

plugin v2.5.0.1 uses

I just integrated iap in new generated test app via gui util and checked build.gradle - it still uses ‘’ dependency.

plz try staging version

I will give it a try, but unfortunately, i’m already implemented my own Billing Manager on top of Android Billing Client library 2.0.3, and it works quite well :frowning:

Did you know, that staging version with billing client 2.0.1 is v2.5.0.0, is lower than release version

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