Importance of openGL?

Importance of openGL?
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How important is it to learn openGL when using cocos2d-x and generally in game developing? Can you still create very complex, high-quality games without knowing openGL?


Example of such games?


Examples of “complex, high-quality games”? Well, that was more a general description of a whole category of games…Anyway, I guess it could be “Badland” and “Angry Birds”


For Badland you need to learn shaders specifically along with some OpenGL ofc.
For Angry Birds you don’t need to learn OpenGL or shaders, it easily can be made by cocos2d-x classes.


And in general, would you assess openGL as something you need to learn when developing games?


Understanding of how this engine works can sometimes help you to fix some problems or improve anything.
I don’t know OpenGL and so I’m selecting game types, which is not requires learning it or shaders.
However, my current game in development is using a lot of shaders… thanks for help of some people… So knowing it gives you a really good advantage overall, but even without you can create a very nice games…

This game was developed from scratch by me(just with Sprite, Node etc. and nothing more) :

Another -


Hi. No need to use OpenGL in create ordinary games.
But we use it for our GPU particle system based on point sprites in cocos2d-x or create some cool texture animation.


I think that for many games openGL isn’t necessary to learn. However, when you start talking advanced games, console games, etc you then need to care about every ounce of performance, memory, cpu, etc, etc. You will need to learn OpenGL (or some other underlying graphics api) to squeeze out this performance.