Implement AdMod IDs in sdkbox admob

Implement AdMod IDs in sdkbox admob

Hello everyone
I have implemented admob in my game and all was working fine, but when I try to add the Google Admob IDs (that admob provides to you when you create an ad) the ads that i have in my game don’t show anymore.
I have added the IDs in the file …\build\jsb-link\res\sdkbox_config.json (in the field ‘appid’ and in the fields ‘id’ from the different ads) and in the AndroidManifest.xml of my app, then I have built and compiled again. I have tried to reimport the admob plugin but that didn´t work neither.
This is my sdkbox_config.json:

This is my AndroidManifest.xml:

This is the error:

thanks :grinning:

what is showInfo?

I don´t know, I don´t have anything of showInfo in my code.
I have implemented the IDs well, right?

I have to change all the IDs or just the app id?

this is also shown:

the admob ad id and app id are need to change to your own .

Sorry, I didn’t see it. This is where the showInfo function appears:

Where did this code come from ?

plz replace shelf.showInfo with console.log.

and you do not need to cache the ad manually.



I fixed the problem, to show the Ads from AdMob you have to configurate the section of “payment” of your AdMob account (I did not see it in the documentation of google or sdkbox) and I did not do it.

That code is from the sdkbox documentation :
Ok, I will remove the sdkbox.Plugin.cache(‘xx’); and the shelf.showInfo.

Thanks for your help :smiley:

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