Image pixelated/blurry after full screen

Image pixelated/blurry after full screen


Hi guys, I hope someone could help me out with this one.
If I change to full-screen on an android mobile (chrome) when is still preloading everything is fine, but if a change to full-screen after the cc.director.runScene() finishes, everything look blurry/pixelated.

I’m setting full-screen on my game using swiping up in the browser and cc.screen.requestFullScreen() and in both cases, I’ve got the same result

tested: Cocos2d-JS v3.16 and v3.17
device: lg g7
browser: chrome
ani ideas?



//cc.view.enableRetina(cc.sys.os === cc.sys.OS_IOS || cc.sys.os === cc.sys.OS_OSX);// whys this???

that made it work!!!