IAP - list of available functions in Google Play SDKHub plugin

is there a list of available functions in the Cocos SDK Hub plugin for GPlay IAPs?

The Sample project is prepared rather for the Huawei platform and misses a list of available functions of the Google Play IAP plugin. By experimenting I found these functions are available for Google Play IAPs:

queryPurchases (is not currently mentioned in the sample project)

I can’t find GPlay IAP alternatives of the following Huawei platform functions :

  • obtainProductInfo
  • obtainOwnedPurchases

And following functions of the Google Play IAB library:
queryPurchasesAsync, queryPurchases, getPurchaseState, getBillingConfigAsync, queryPurchaseHistory, queryProductDetailsAsync, queryProductDetails, …

Any sugestion apreciated!

You can find more detailed documentation here:


And in this repo, you can see some references regarding Google Play SDK calls

Full API docs here

Hi, yes I know about these sources you shared. The example is very poor and mises important functions of the GooglePlay Fee plugin like “queryPurchases”. Eg. the function “obtainOwnedPurchases” is not available in the Google Play Fee plugin when I try to test it on my Android device.

Thx for any recommendations on how to use the Google Play Fee plugin.

I have not tried to implement the SDK myself so I’m sorry to not be able to help more.

I would try this method to see what methods the plugin returns.

var methods = sdkhub.getPluginMethods(sdkhub.getUserPlugin());

If there isn’t an official interface for some of the SDK methods, this may enable it