IAP iOS trouble

Hi guys, (and @yinjimmy :slight_smile: )
we have integrated on android the IAP with SDKBOX and works… but now, when we need to release the iOS version, we have this message on XCODE:

2020-05-22 18:40:09.268235+0200 GGhost[1062:127770] Requesting products: {(



IAP :no native iap wrapper listener
IAP :WARNING!, Products size is 0

the bundle in itunes are setted.
do you have some idea because we don’t see the iap informations?

We use CocosCreator2.2.2.

Thanks for help!

IAP :no native iap wrapper listener

set listener before invoke IAP::init

IAP :WARNING!, Products size is 0

this log will show when we can’t get products info from apple.

there have many reason, please check your itune connect configure. tax info, app bundle id, product id and so on.

it was ‘tax info’ thanks!

ok, now we have this error :frowning: when we purchase something:

SDKBox transaction dispatch:(null) state:0

:confused: any idea? … on android works :open_mouth:

resolved, it was wrong account!

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