I really need HELP! Cocos Creator timeline Vs Cocos studio timeline

I really need HELP! Cocos Creator timeline Vs Cocos studio timeline

Hi every one …
Well, guys, I am in a situation where I have to decide whether I have to continue with Cocos Studio or do I have to move on to Cocos Creator. Evert thing is fine with cocos creator but for me being the designer I am much happier with the amazing timeline that cocos studio has. i lilke the way how it has a Scene layer and under that, it has all nodes and sprites as layers which can be locked and hide and we can animate all of them together by selecting them and just click ‘Begin to record frame’ and move them and do our required animation.

I came to know that in cocos creator the keyframe is generated automatically, like once a sprite is moved, it creates the keframe automatically, my main question is, why is it not possible in cocos creator to select multiple sprites together and animate across the timeline like we do in cocos studio.

Also there is no ‘Manage Animation List’ where we could give name to the animation and give it a startframe and endframe number. All these options are missing in Cocos Creator which is making me bit difficult to work with the current timeline.

Is there any place where i could find these or get the old timeline back? I’ve checked the documents and tutorials but i couldn’t come up with the answer of this question. Is it that old timeline is no longer available? can we get the old time line back??

Please let me know if i am missing something… Thank you in advance guys…:slight_smile: Stay Safe

I am not familiar with the technical details of animations in Creator.

If you are using c++ are you planning to use JavaScript now?

Hi @slackmoehrle !
Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Well this is what I am actually talking about! it was so good working with the earlier timeline. :frowning: :pensive:

Hi @c2apurva, thanks for the advices. It will be tracked in our issues.
As you mentioned, Cocos Creator Timeline is just a rapid authoring aid for editing property. It has so many possibility of optimization. We will redesign it in the future to provide better 3D support, better scene preview, better animation list managment, …etc. If you need to use skeleton animations, you can import Spine or DragonBones currently.

Yes PLEASE!!! cause you see my pic above i use to use the timeline like Hell and it was so easy earlier this way but i cannot use it any more in cocos creator. I do understand that it must be good for Skeleton animations and other thing but i dont build rpg games at the moment and may be creator can be easy for the coders but for us desgners its kind of a big task to work on it now… And i am talking as a Designers point of view only cause hell i know about coding lol :stuck_out_tongue: . I hope you got the point PLEASE PLEASE get the old time line back exactly the way it is that will be soooo helpful to me atleast. Until that ill be working on Cocos Studio only… and please once you do that make sure that i can open my cocos studio file in creator :frowning: … Any ways thanks for the reply. I got the clear picture noa and ill be continuing with Cocos Studio right now cause i dont have any option… you take care @Jare :slight_smile:Thanks for the reply. Cocos Rock :slight_smile:well Studio Rocks , Creator Not yet. lol Cheers !!