I need somebody to run my game in an android environment

I need somebody to run my game in an android environment

Due to my several limitations, including windows home

You cannot emulate android on windows home

and having an android phone <9.0, I cannot run my android app alone. I am here to ask if someone can run my app to see if it successfully runs in an android environment. I would send a link to the private respiritory with the classes and resources.

could download apk and test but i dont test on pc normally so thats all i can do

Why does Windows Home not work? It should be fine. Check your BIOS settings to make sure that virtualization is enabled, and that you have the correct driver installed (HAXM for Intel etc).

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I could not find the official statement from Microsoft I saw before, but I speak on their behalf. And it makes sense, I have tried to follow the steps manually and with the windows PowerShell. But it is evident this drawback is due to having Windoes Home.

Ok, I will deliver to you a private message.

The android emulator works 100% fine on Windows 10 Home, and I literally have it working on my own PCs. Depending what CPU you have (Intel or Ryzen), it affects what setting you need to enable in the BIOS, as I stated earlier.

In addition to that, depending on which emulator you’re trying to run (the VS Android emulator or the Google emulator), you have to either disable or enable Hyper-V in the windows feature options (on for VS Android, off for Google Android emulator).

The only thing that may stop the emulator from working is if your CPU doesn’t support VT-x (Intel) or AMD-V virtualization.

I will take your word for it and scrutinise the problem. And update with any information.

You can definitely run it under Windows 10 Home! I am a Developer and I was using Windows 10 Home until last week when I needed a 10-core machine. Just enable VT-x in BIOS (I guess others have said that) and then download the Android SDK (I guess you’ve done that already) with the emulator. Now build the native project with cocos and then find the APK. AFAIK, some users have reported the android emulator being slow and you can just download something like Bluestacks, which I guess doesn’t even need HW acceleration by default (it’s an optional component). I think this should help

My virtual machines are Win 10 home as well.