I need creating multiplayer game

I need creating multiplayer game


I am hoping to create multiplayer game.
But I am a beginner.
I finished cocos2d-x-3.1 tutorial.
And I am an expert in c/c++.
is there a way to make a multiplayer game?.Any tutorial or link in cocos2d-x.


If you have finished the tutorial and are a c++ expert, I think you would know it was totally possible :smile:


is there a way to make a multiplayer game?.Any tutorial or link in cocos2d-x.


I am a beginner.
please help me


There are lots of ways. I dont have any examples. Google might. There are a fair number of multi-player libraries that are c++ based that could help you get started. It would really be hard for someone to tell you how to make YOUR game. The best thing to do is get your concept down and dive right in.


Do you have experience for it?


My experience isn’t relevant to your game :smile:

Seriously, Google “c++ multi-player game libraries” Or, Here: https://www.google.com/search?q=c%2B%2B+multi-player+game+libraries"&oq=c%2B%2B+multi-player+game+libraries"&aqs=chrome..69i57.246j0j7&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=91&ie=UTF-8

RakNet is popular, but there are others. You might even find writing your own is a better choice for your needs.


In detail, How do I have to?


Thank you very much


You could use any c++ multiplayer library, that is compatible with all platforms you want to support.
But there are already sone libraries ready to use with cocos2d-x, nextpeer for example:

You can also use the Google Play Games Services on android and Apples Game Center on ios, but in order to use them along side with cocos2d-x you would have to write a wrapper for them.


As you said you are beginner in multiplayer game development you can try AppWarp. With AppWarp you can create multiplayer game without writing server code. AppWarp already has support for most of the features that a multiplayer game requires like Room, Lobby, MatchMaking, Turn Based Games, etc. AppWarp also has good support.

Disclaimer : I belong to AppWarp development Team :wink:


Use AppWarp SDK… we have used in multiplayer live cricket



thanks for all answers.
I am using cocos2dx 3.13 and AppWarp&App42API now.
Already spent 566 days… :slight_smile:


You can use libuv in c or netty in java as event driven server
see beginners tutorials here :
libuv or netty see here:
www dot gamedevcraft dot com


@jinri Hi, How are you!
i’m new in cocos developing.
I wanna use appwarp in Cocos3.13
Can you give me a help?
How can I contact you?
QQ/Wechat/Skype - anyway to you want.
i’m waiting your replies.


I am also looking to make a multiplayer game considering using AppWarp with Cocos Creator v1.5

I will follow this tutorial to see how AppWarp works: http://blogs.shephertz.com/2013/08/19/cocos2d-x-realtime-fighting-game-tutorial/