I Need a Developer

I Need a Developer


I need a talented developer who is experienced in cocos creator
Need to migrate game from unity to cocos creator
All the source code, and assets are provided
The game is simple, bubble shooter
If you are interested in, just contact me and I will share all the required files and source code


Can I ask why you switched to cocos2d?


for wechat minigame or facebook instant game
But for now, just need to build for cocos creator and let it run in cocos creator


I’d say you are more into porting your game or really re-writing most of it. We don’t have a Unity importer or anything.


How much are you paying?


I could buy the source code of unity at 99usd
So, I want to find someone who can let it run in cocos creator at 100usd


I’d suggest perhaps using another site to ask for help then. $100 USD is less than 1 day of work for many. Elance maybe.


Thinking more about this. A simple bubble shooter concept. I have written a few games close to this before. Perhaps someone here could do it in a week or two for you for $1,500 - $2,000?

How does everyone feel about this range for the concept?


Thanks for contact me, but It’s out of my estimation


yup. 100 usd for full game porting is ridiculously less for any developer let alone talented developer


ok guys.

this is someone that i tried to hire on upwork to do the job for me.
and it seems that he tries to do quick profit on it


There was another thread about this :Warning to Everyone!