I am using fyber. How do I add a banner ad?

I am using fyber. How do I add a banner ad?

I am using fyber. How do I add a banner ad?

From sdkbox?

In fyber of SDKBOX there is no show banner function. But in Fyber ads, there is a show banner function.

hmm, do we call it offerWall? http://docs.sdkbox.com/en/plugins/fyber/v3-cpp/

Check “placements” in sdkbox docs. You can setup a placement in config json with banners and then use placement function to show any kind of ad.


Im so sorry , the SDKBox’s fyber plugin does not support banner ad currently.

Thank you. But offerWall will cover the whole screen. I use banners to show ads even when users are playing games.

The banner in SDKBoxads is mostly of Admob. But I want to use non-Admob ads. This prevents admob from being used anymore.

Is there any banner ad in Sdkbox that replaces Admob, Unity ads? I want to use banner ads instead of Admob. While Unity ads have very low fill rate with banners, sometimes nothing shows up.

Nobody supports me.

You can check out SDKBOX.com to see what products are currently offered. There is more detail there to help make this decision.

unityads supports banner
adcolony will supports banner.

I checked it and didn’t need it so I needed help. SDKBox supports banner ads very poorly.

Because the new Unityads support banner, the fill rate is very low. There are areas where the fill rate is zero. Adcolony is probably the same. Inmobi previously, leadbolt had a banner. But now SDKbox does not support it anymore.