Huge FPS drop from 60 to 20-30

Huge FPS drop from 60 to 20-30
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Hi, I am experiencing problems with new Cocos Creator version, just switched back to 1.7.0 where FPS acts normal. Does anybody else have a similar problem?

Platform - HTML5 WebGL.


I switched back to 1.8.1 and it works normally again. Any idea why it could be so?


My game had 60fps with 1.5.3 and 25-30 fps since version 1.7+ (browser WebGL). I already mentioned it a few times before. The team told me there is some kind of bug that should be fixed in 1.8.1, but is not. Still very low performance on web.


are either of you performing any kind of file loading/downloading when fps issues happen?


Thank you for the info, that’s useful.


Well, it could have. But for it to start to work again I just needed switch back and forth from one cocos creator version to another.