HSV color modifier

I’m trying to change a sprites hue value using a js code
Here is what I want:

I looked up in the documentation but couldn’t find something that works perfectly as I wanted.
A link or an answer would be really nice :slight_smile:

Just use a shader. Pass the hue value to it, and apply that shader to your sprite.

If you do an online search, then you’ll end up with many results, like this one:

That is not js…

Your initial post is tagged as “cocos2d-x” and “JavaScript”, implying that you’re using the cocos2d-x engine with JS, so what is stopping you from using a shader?

If you want to do the hue change in JavaScript, then just be aware that it may be slow to process if you don’t use a shader, especially if you’re planning on applying it to many textures. The RGB to HSV (or HSL) color space algorithms shown in the link I provided are exactly what you need, but you would just have to implement them yourself in JavaScript.


Hi, maybe you can refer to this document, but it’s in Chinese.

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