How to use Script component (ComponentJS)

How to use Script component (ComponentJS)

I have project created by C++ cocos2dx 3.17.2, and I want to use Script component.
According to the documentation, it’s very easy to use, but what library I must include ?
I’ve try to import libjscocos2d.vcxproj on my VIsual Studio 2017 but ended like this C++ game with part lua logic, ComponentLua, lua bindings
I dont want to create JS project, I just want to add Script component to my existing project.

@zhangxm can you remind us the capabilities of Script Component and I’ll update the docs accordingly with your reply.

Please add documentation how to setup Script Component with c++ project. (Like what library must import, etc) I want to make sure that I’m doing right. Thanks for the response :slightly_smiling_face:

@slackmoehrle i think it is compatible, but should create a javascript project to use it.

Oh so you can’t use Script Component in a c++ project.

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